2014-07-28 20:28:56 by CGmartin11

Finally finished my postroll animation. It took me almost three weeks, but I enjoyed every minute of making it. I hope all of you can enjoy watching it half as much as I enjoyed making it. As always...stay creative!

Animation Update

2014-07-13 11:26:41 by CGmartin11

If there is anyone actually following these posts, I have not forgotten to post my Pre-roll. Unfortunately I've been really sick all weekend since early Friday morning. But fret not! The animation is coming!


Animation almost done! (Seriously)

2014-07-09 17:10:32 by CGmartin11

I ran into a bit of a hiccup today that put me quite a bit behind on my pre-roll animation, however after some trouble shooting I finally figured out the solution. I'm fairly comfortable with Adobe Flash, but still have a bit to learn. That comes with learning something new though, so onwards I go to complete my animation. It will be uploaded hopefully tonight, but tomorrow at the latest. For those of you reading my posts thank you in advance for your patience, and as always...stay creative!

Animation Coming Soon!!

2014-07-07 15:00:49 by CGmartin11

I am currently in the midst of an introductory animation which I will post very soon. It's been a bit of a challange because I've been simultaneously building my drawing techniques from nearly scratch, but it is in fact coming along. I wil hopefully have the full animated clip posted by tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest! Until then...stay creative!

How's it going Newgrounds-ers??

2014-07-01 18:39:25 by CGmartin11

This is my first time using Newgrounds, but I was lead here by after watching a few sweet tutorials from Josiah Brooks (AKA Jazza...but I'm sure you all already know who he is!) I graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor's in Computer Animation focusing largely on 3D due to my poor drawing skills. Recently I rediscovered my childhood passion of hand drawn art and animation, and decided to give it a real go. I found some amazing tutorials as stated above, and began developing my 2D artwork. I'll start off today with my first real drawing ever, which is stylized and inspired by Mr. Jazza. I welcome all comments, criticism, and advice that anyone has to offer, and I plan on continuing to work on my drawing and posting my progression on here! Thanks for reading (if you actually read it of course), and I can't wait to post more awesome drawings and animations!!